Transform Data and Import Into PowerPivot or Excel Table

See how to:

  • 1. Explain Data and how we will transform it
  • 2. Import Excel Table
  • 3. Remove unwanted columns
  • 4. Split Columns to remove unwanted Product ID data
  • 5. Remove column after split
  • 6. Import Text File
  • 7. Use First Row as Headers (because field names not interpreted correctly)
  • 8. Merge Tables to create relationship or VLOOKUP Helper Columns
  • 9. De-normalize table by adding two extra columns in Merge feature
  • 10. Rename columns
  • 11. Remove columns after merge is complete
  • 12. Load to Data Model
  • 13. Create Calculated Field with SUMX Dax Function to calculate Profit
  • 14. Create PivotTable with Slicer

Download Video from here


Download Sample DataSet for Practice from here


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