Traffic Exchange


HitLeap is a traffic trade service. It attaches individuals who need to promote their websites with other individuals who additionally need to promote their websites. The thought is a common trade of viewers; you demonstrate to me yours I’ll demonstrate to you mine, in a site sense.

HitLeap-Review-tmb3As a HitLeap user, you can submit your website URL into their network. At that point nothing happens, in light of the fact that you don’t have any gathered minutes. With a specific end goal to win hits to your site, you have to obtain minutes. With a specific end goal to obtain minutes, you have to browse through the HitLeap network and click on current links to different sites. You need to do this through their browser, all together for the snaps to tally.

HitLeap-Review-tmb1When you have earned minutes, you can spend them to put your connection into the general population mindfulness for a specific number of hits. Once you’ve picked up that traffic, you’ve spent your minutes, and you should accumulate more keeping in mind the end goal to procure more traffic.


At the start, this sounds like a reasonable method for creating traffic. In fact, a traffic trade is a genuine and helpful administration, as long as it’s directed and controlled legitimately. At the point when it’s not, well, you end up with something like HitLeap.

Traffic Exchange

Best Way To Use HitLeap

HitLeap-Review-tmb4On the off chance that you need to make full utilization of the HitLeap most ideal approach to do it is by purchasing their premium services.

Despite the fact that you get viewers through HitLeap, it is nothing else except for bots seeing your page.

By purchasing their premium services you initially get free minutes, more slots and in particular it has a one of a kind features in which you can choose from where really your watchers are coming i.e. You can choose facebook, youtube, twitter, google plus as the place from where the watchers are getting to your page.

Also, you can use HitLeap to drive the viewers to shrink links like linkbucks,

Traffic Exchange


1. Earning money with affiliate links

In the event that your business is affiliate links, you can positively win cash through HitLeap. The main issue is: at what cost?

Without anyone else, the traffic you’re getting from HitLeap is to a great extent as bots. Accordingly, you’re just procuring what your affiliates pay per see, which is ordinarily pennies per thousand.

Unless you have a bank of PCs set up running this framework full time, you won’t make a sensible measure of cash, however risks are you’re not going to pull in genuine commissions or genuine deals from HitLeap traffic.

Be that as it may, purchasing their premium services gives you something more which gives you a slight preferred standpoint.

On the off chance that you are simply beginning your blog or you are in need to enhance your SEO or Alexa positioning.

2. Earning through referrals

In case you don’t have a website then you can likewise acquire from HitLeap through referrals. You get 10% minutes commissions and 25 % money commissions from your referrals.

You can withdraw your earned cash through PayPal. Least cashout is $5.

If you want to join HitLeap to get free minutes join from here.

HitLeap – Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange



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