Just sharing a method here that have worked on instagram to get traffic. 

There is two ways to go about doing this. One is free and the other one will involve some investment. 

Free Method:

Make Instagram account by using Emulator like bluestack or Andyroid. Both emulator can be downloaded free Or on the other hand you can root your android phone and install a gadget ID changer (simply google for this in the event that you require). Disclaimer, rooting your android phone can bring about breaking your phone. Make around 10 instagram accounts.There is no compelling reason to purchase proxies in the event that you are physically dealing with the instagram account as long as you are using internet access. You simply need to switch on and off your access to change the IP address.

Make an arrangement of the target niche with big instagram account holder. Follow their followers with the expectation that they will followback.

To research a list of big accounts to



Follow around 30 – 50 followers for per account every day. There is a breaking point of around 20 followers after every hour so try to follow within the define quota to avoid account being ban. Take after amid the timezone where your target audiences are wakeful. like, in the event that you are focusing on USA, ensure your exercises start amid the time when the target audiences are awake. Unfollow about max of 10 every hour to abstain from being regard as agitating.

Post around 20-40 pictures per day. Ensure these are unique pictures or possibly change the document name of these photos. *Important* Do not post web links in the description of your photos. Web links just show up in your bio once. In the description of your photo, subtley advance your site. If all else fails, take after what enormous brands like Pepsi are doing. Case, “Been to Finland for occasion this late spring, pleasant. Look at my mid year wear accumulation at xxx website or just visit my profile for the connection to my webpage”

In the event that you are doing well, each instagram ought to bring you around 10-50 unique visitors for every day. 10 instagram account implies around 100-500 unique visitors.

Non Free Method:


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followliker-tmbUse followliker to scale up the above process. Take note that there could be instances whereby sms reverification is required. This usually happens when you are over following/ unfollowing or posting of pictures. When this happens, just go to (they have a BST here) and just reverify your account.