What is a Landing Page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is an independent page, made particularly for the motivations behind a marketing or advertising effort. It is the place a guest “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords advertisement or comparable.

This effortlessness is the thing that makes landing pages the best choice for expanding the conversion rates of your Google AdWords campaigns.

Why are landing pages so critical?

An excessive number of organizations send their advertising, email, or social media traffic to their homepage. This is a colossal missed opportunity. When you know a surge of focused movement will go to your site, you can improve the probability of converting that traffic into leads by using a targeted landing page.

Different Types of Landing Page

There are two essential auxiliary kinds of landing page:

Lead Generation landing pages (now and again alluded to as lead gen or lead catch pages) utilize a web form as the Call to Action, to collect lead information, for example, names and email addresses. This is the essential sort of landing page utilized for B2B marketing.

Click-Through landing pages are commonly utilized for e-commerce and have a straightforward catch as the Call to Action.


In the below post we are going to uploading 99+ landing-page templates free to the public. I urge you to look through these templates, find out about them, and download any (or all!) of them to use individually webpage.

You should do some coding or hand them off to your web developer to redo them for yourself.

Enjoy these templates!

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