Hi Friends, here I’d like to explain you how to get laser targeted Instagram followers by using “Follow/Unfollow” method or “Like” method.

For those don’t think about these strategies, and I trust there’s no a large number of them here:

– Follow/Unfollow Method: Follow user, hold up 2-3 days until they follow you back and after that unfollow them.

– Like Method: Like posts of users so they check your profile and follow you.

Alright, so that would be short clarification for users who aren’t used to with IG and getting Instagram followers. Now, let’s straight to the point.

Suppose you are in Bodybuilding niche and you need just USA followers, particularly from New York, who are most likely inspired by bodybuilding. How might you discover them?

The trick is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to Google and search for Gyms in New York. After that, click on Maps so you go to Google Maps. You will have all major gyms in New York in results, like this:…/data=!3m1!4b1

Now, when you’re there, click on one of the results. In example below, I’ll use “Mid City Gym & Training”


As should be obvious, when I clicked there, on left side on the screen you can see gyms info and website URL. Go to their site and you’ll discover their Instagram account there. For this situation @midcitygym account. They don’t have a ton of Instagram followers, only minimal more than 1400+ yet they’re genuine and that is your intended target audience. It’s not some gym that is overall well known, so just individuals from New York preferred their Instagram profile and their followers are your ideal audience.

Presently you should simply follow their followers and wait for them to follow you back, or, on the off chance that you use Like strategy, like pics of their followers and wait until they check notifications, see that you liked their pics and follow you back. I propose like no less than 2-3 random pics (not most recent) so users think you really checked their entire profile.

Obviously, you will rehash this procedure until the point when you find no less than 10 IG profiles of gyms in New York so you have enough users to follow. It shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes.

This technique isn’t only useful for getting followers. It’s likewise incredible for selling products or promoting country targeted CPA offers.

Obviously, you can be inventive here, I used wellness,a gyms, fitness, bodybuilding niche, however suppose you need to promote your Instagram account for “weddings niche”. You’ll scan for “wedding dresses New York” or “wedding dresses Chicago” or whatever other city that you need your followers to be from.

The profiles you will discover will quite often have under 10,000 Instagram followers, yet that is simply enough on the off chance that you discover 10-20 profiles, since you needn’t bother with profile that has 1 million followers and half of them aren’t from USA which was our target country in this case.

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